Vehicle Donation to Lina

Vehicle Donation to Lina

This past month thank you to your support we donated another vehicle this time to Lina.

Lina and her family lost everything in the Lahaina Fires. That day Lina was not at her house in Lahaina because they had lost power the night before and was in another part of the island with her daughter spending the night.  

When the fires started she lost cell phone connection and was not able to communicate with her family to find out how there were. It took her 3 days to find out that they were all ok but that they lost their home and everything they had.

Her home was a generational family, where her Mom, her Dad, her brother her sister and her Grandmother and friend lived. Lina is now staying in Lahaina so that she can her daughter can go to preschool the car is helping her take her daughter to preschool and to work.

Photo of what is left of Lina's house after the Lahaina fire.

Photo of Lina's home remains after the Lahaina Fires.

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