Who we are

Heal Maui is a nonprofit organization formed in response to the devastating fires that ravaged our island. Our immediate objective is to promptly offer aid by distributing food, essential supplies, and donated construction materials for home repairs. Additionally, we have partnered with larger organizations to help facilitate the provision of power, clean drinking water, and WiFi to underserved areas.

Our Purpose

Why Disaster Relief Matters

The worst wildfires in Hawaii's history have caused more than 114 deaths, left dozens injured, and over 1000 remain missing. Historic Lahaina Town has been reduced to ash.  Your donation to Heal Maui will support the recovery of those affected, and the rehabilitation of our beautiful island.

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Who we help

Our long-term recovery efforts focus on rebuilding homes, promoting reforestation, and initiating sustainable planting projects. We provide housing and employment assistance to empower individuals towards stability and independence. Through community unification, we aim to foster hope, resilience, and transformation. Together, we strive to create a brighter future, nurturing a sense of community, strength, and prosperity. As part of our ohana, Heal Maui is committed to offering ongoing support to heal and rebuild our community after the fires.